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If you are considering a subscription to assignr.com, and have questions about our service, you can:

  • email us at ,
  • open a Help Desk ticket, or
  • call us at (585) 542-4211.

Technical Support

You may want to search our help system, as we have a lot of information about assignr.com at your fingertips.

If you are a referee, you may want to contact your assignor before contacting us directly.

If you are an assignor and have a technical support question, please submit a ticket through the assignr.com help desk. You can also contact us at .

Technical support via telephone is not provided for assignr.com. You can be sure that your request will be responded to quickly. Nobody likes being given the run-around by email. If a problem can't be resolved easily with a couple of email exchanges, we will pick up the phone and make sure that your questions are answered.

Password Reset

Can't remember your password? Use this page to reset your existing password.