Assignr Pricing Plans

We’re able to work with organizations of any size, from small youth sports leagues to large multi-association, multi-sport officiating organizations.

All pricing is in US dollars.

Per-Game Pricing

Looking for a per-game pricing plan with unlimited officials? We’ve got you covered there as well.

Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a quote.

Direct Deposit

Customers in the United States can pay officials using our Direct Deposit functionality. You will need to sign up for either the League, Elite or Enterprise Plan to enable this functionality. All Direct Deposit fees are priced separtely.

All Plans Include

Easy Import of Games and Officials.

We make it easy to import your games and officials from just about anywhere. Just import a spreadsheet and save tons of time.


Our availability feature allows officials to manage their own availability, so you can always see if someone is available to work.

Rankings and Ratings

Ensure the correct official is working each game with our ratings and abilities feature. Easily prevent a new official from working a game that is beyond their skill level.

Flexible Assigning Process

Our flexible assigning process keeps you in control of the schedule, and helps ensure that every game gets covered.

Automated Game Notifications

Once officials have been assigned, we handle all of the email and mobile app notifications for you. If an official is reassigned or a game is rescheduled, we take care of letting everyone know about that too.


Need to keep track of your officials’ local or national registration? We can help with that. You can even collect local chapter dues, and let your officials pay with a credit card, all on our site.

Using Assignr makes it so much easier to manage and be much more organized. It is a lot less time consuming using this system versus doing it by hand which is what I did prior to using this system.

It helps me with being able to see who is available and when they are available so it helps me with scheduling. It sure makes it easy on me when the schedule is automatically emailed versus me having to email it. Less chance of mistakes. The officials receive an email and reminders.

Jeff Stottlemyer

Classic Metro Officials, Minnesota

After we started using Assignr, our scheduling process takes 1/10 of the time it used to.  We used to have multiple assigners for multiple divisions, all competing for the same umpires.  Now that we are using Assignr, we manage all our assignments with one person, and we have much fewer umpire assignment issues.

Chris Eifert

Englewood Little League, Ohio

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not totally happy with our service, we have a generous money back guarantee, even if your season has already started. 

Great Customer Support

We pride ourselves on providing great customer support for you and your officials. You’ll never be left to figure it out on your own!

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