Assigning Sports Officials Online… It’s An Easy Call With Assignr

As former sports officials, we know how important it is to have an efficient, simple way to assign games to referees and umpires.  Based on the struggles we saw as officials, we decided to create our own software that would make the whole process effortless.

Our system is straightforward and uncomplicated, which saves you time and worry.  Another big plus? Assignr, while able to keep pace with larger sports officiating companies, offers a more personal and accommodating approach. With us, you will NEVER feel like you are just one of a thousand clients – you will always receive top-notch customer service because we are committed to making your life simpler.

Who uses Assignr? While our focus is on youth, high school and rec league sports, we also have a number of professional  teams that took advantage of our free trial offer and immediately recognized its many advantages. Our clients love how stress-free Assignr is and appreciate the fact that we know how to play the game, giving them the winning edge.

Simple Setup

Just import your games and sports officials from a spreadsheet, send login credentials to your officials, and you can start assigning!


Reclaim Your Inbox

With our web-based accept/decline feature, your sports officials can confirm their assignments easily. We simplify the process for you!


Officials’ Availability

One of the most important things you need to know is when sports officials are available to call games. Assignr gives you that information you quickly and easily.


Flexible System

Assignr takes the worries out of assigning officials as it can easily be set up to determine which officials are available for each level of game.


Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying:

  • "Excellent program that manages official availability with details entered by officials. Fantastic email information, notification and reminder system. Followed up by Excel reporting arrangements for billing."

    David Australia
  • "The officials in our community really enjoy using and it has made my job and the job of my fellow assignors easier than it has ever been before."

    Maggie Arizona
  • "A lot of our officials have been talking about their positive experience with the system."

    Ivan Colorado

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