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Assigning is a tough job…  Assignr gives you the tools you need to get this right, regardless of whether you assign 150 games or 15,000 games.

Our Flexible Approach to Assigning

We work with a wide variety of assignors, leagues, and game levels, from small Little League organizations to large leagues scheduling thousands of games per year. We know that, what works for some assignors doesn’t work for all assignors. That’s why we give you multiple ways to assign officials, depending on what works for your organization.

Assignor Driven

By far, the most common way that organizations assign is that an assignor makes the assignments, officials get notified of their assignments, the official accepts or declines each assignment, and the assignor fills in any gaps in the schedule as needed. The assignor makes the decisions on who works where, and we make it easy to ensure this process is done fairly, accurately, and in a way that ensures that each assigned official is qualified to work each game.

Game Requests

Overwhelmed by text messages or phone calls from officials, asking if they can work a game? Just enable our Game Request feature, and we can handle all of this right within Assignr.

When you allow your officials to see your list of unassigned games, they can just click a button next to the assignment they would like to work. You can review who has requested a game, and assign someone from that list, or choose someone else. 

We handle all of the notifications, both to the assigned official, as well as to anyone who requested the game but wasn’t assigned.

Self Assign

Some organizations like the flexibility of posting a schedule and allowing officials to assign themselves to a game, and we can do this too.

As an assignor, you can open up your entire schedule for Self Assign, or only open certain games or specific positions. You can also set limits on what games are eligible for self assign, or only allow certain people to assign themselves to a game. 

Notifications & Reminders

Assignr handles all of the notifications for you. Just assign the game and click Save, and we’ll handle the notifications for you. Rescheduled games, canceled games, or assignment changes are as easy as making the change in Assignr and letting us handle the rest. 

Your officials will love the mobile app, and the notifications that come with it. Any game changes will come through as a push notification, ensuring that they are always kept in the loop.

Good Bye, Scheduling Conflicts

Regardless of the approach you use, our system helps keep scheduling conflicts to a minimum. Assignr helps you prevent scheduling conflicts due to game location, skill level of the official, maximum games per day, official working somewhere else at the same time, conflicts with teams or leagues, and many others. You can even use our flexible Groups and Rules system, which allows you to further define who can work a particular set of games, based on whatever criteria you need.

Ready to Get Started?

Using Assignr makes it so much easier to manage and be much more organized. It is a lot less time consuming using this system versus doing it by hand which is what I did prior to using this system.

It helps me with being able to see who is available and when they are available so it helps me with scheduling. It sure makes it easy on me when the schedule is automatically emailed versus me having to email it. Less chance of mistakes. The officials receive an email and reminders.

Jeff Stottlemyer

Classic Metro Officials, Minnesota

After we started using Assignr, our scheduling process takes 1/10 of the time it used to.  We used to have multiple assigners for multiple divisions, all competing for the same umpires.  Now that we are using Assignr, we manage all our assignments with one person, and we have much fewer umpire assignment issues.

Chris Eifert

Englewood Little League, Ohio

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