We hear from our customers all the time.

These quotes are candid, un-solicited, and un-scripted, right out of the support tickets we manage on a daily basis. Here's what our customers have to say about our product and our service:

you have really created a tool that has changed the way our Little League organization arranges umpiring! We used to have umpires not showing up in the right place at the right time…or not at all. Since we went on to your system, I don’t think we have had any games without umpires!
This product has been such a life-saver for me and the assignors who work here in my area.
If you ever go away, I don't know what we will do because I simply have not seen another product that I like as much nor which (I suspect) has the ethical level of support that you provide. It is just nice to deal with good people and you fall into that category in my book.
The assignr.com program exceeded our needs this year. I initially purchased it for assigning Semi-Pro football and ended up using it for High School and Junior High Fall Sports. Thank you for such a good program, I will be renewing.
We have been using assignr.com for a few years now, and I really love the product.
As an assignor, I don't want to be an after-thought and assignr.com, because it is NOT integrated with a coach dominated scheduling program does exactly what I need, not what the coaches need.
I have to tell you that my referees LOVE assignr.com, some of them telling me they much prefer it to another product.
We had a great experience and season using your software. We are absolutely looking to renew our account.
It made my work so much easier that I didn't add the pricing into my assigning fees and I still came out ahead based on the amount of time it saved me.
The customer service is first-rate, top-notch WONDERFUL!
We are one association who are joining with another association, but for various reasons can't use their scheduling tool. So far yours has been receiving rave reviews.
Now this is what you call Great Customer Service!!!
The ability to request games has turned out to be a big hit. I have as many as 8 people requesting the same game...... sure makes it easier to know if they will confirm. Also, you should know that your product has made it possible for me to manage several lacrosse groups without much trouble. It is not nearly the scale of the soccer clubs in town but it is big enough that it would drive me crazy without your software.
Your tech support responses have been great. To the point, and honest (by far the best feature of your software)
I love what the site has to offer. Wonderful site for assigners and officials to navigate.
One thing I have noticed and greatly appreciate is your prompt responses and the fact that you listen to your clients, something that is very rare to see. Thanks again!
My guys have started to use the self-assign feature and LOVE it!
I really love your product.
assignr.com is WONDERFUL and getting better everytime I login.
I LOVE the new assign screen - it is so professional looking and it is quite a bit easier to see the data.
The referees are loving it and I particularly like not having to stop and look up addresses and type response emails to refs who don't know where the field is located - I can just tell 'em to click on the link on their game page!
assignr.com just keeps getting better!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for all you do.
You have been marvelous to work with and I would like for it to continue!
I signed up for the demo, what I saw of the product was great. I love the permission system (we used another product last season, what a mess) ... this seems to be a lot easier.
We took the time to fully test your system and overall we like how it works. It is by far the most sophisticated system we've seen.
Love the site and thanks for adding the pay policy!
I love your game request system. It has really made my job easier and I've only been using it two days. Thanks for improvements.
You're doing a great job.
Once again I thank you. I am so busy getting around in and enjoying the program, you are really a great help.
The feedback I have received from my umpires is very positive!
I love the new self-assign feature. KEEP up the good work!
Thanks for all the hard work!
Thanks so much. You're a wizard.
WHAT a GREAT system!
I love using your program to manage my umpires.
For the most part, I'm quite impressed with this system. As you may have guessed, I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to computers but I feel quite comfortable with this system.