We're always making changes to the system... here's a sampling of what we've been up to lately.

April 2013

  • Bug Fix: Ensure bounced HTML emails render correctly (Apr 16)
  • Bug Fix: Ensure observer-referees can create game reports (Apr 15)
  • Upgrade: Enable Twilio for text messaging (Apr 13)
  • Bug Fix: Fix memory problem with file imports (Apr 10)
  • Upgrade: Ruby version upgrade (Apr 2)

March 2013

  • Feature: Include plan details on account screen (Mar 29)
  • Upgrade: Rails security update (Mar 18)
  • Feature: WYSIWYG editor for messages and emails (Mar 4)

February 2013

  • Feature: Simplify date display for dates in current year (Feb 24)
  • Bug Fix: Enforce security on game reports (Feb 18)
  • Upgrade: Rails security update (Feb 11)
  • Bug Fix: Availability tab for referee/observers (Feb 10)
  • Bug Fix: Observer permissions on reports (Feb 7)
  • Bug Fix: Fix problem with two identical notification emails (Feb 4)

January 2013

  • Feature: Serve images from content delivery network (Jan 24)
  • Feature: Added help documentation for Game Reports (Jan 22)
  • Feature: Update site settings screen for Pro/Mini (Jan 17)
  • Upgrade: Rails security update (Jan 8)
  • Bug Fix: Ensure searches work correctly from mobile (Jan 7)
  • Feature: Consolidate daily emails for referees and assignors (Jan 3)

December 2012

  • Feature: New accounts are offered a guided tour (Dec 23)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem with API documentation page (Dec 17)
  • Bug Fix: Linked account feature taking too long when multiple accounts are linked (Dec 11)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a problem with times in long format (Dec 6)
  • Bug Fix: Changed pagination in mobile site (Dec 4)
  • Feature: Game Reports (initial limited release) (Dec 3)

November 2012

  • Bug Fix: Problem with expired sites being treated like an upgrade (Nov 20)
  • Feature: Generate PDF in portrait mode for reports that don't have many columns (Nov 18)
  • Feature: Add Game Type to Billing Detail CSV report (Nov 15)

October 2012

  • Feature: Add position name to email notifications (Oct 30)
  • Feature: Download availability data from CSV (Oct 16)
  • Upgrade: Upgrade mobile site to use newest version of jQuery Mobile (Oct 15)
  • Bug Fix: Upgrade attachment handling libraries (Oct 4)

September 2012

  • Bug Fix: Fixed problems with date parser (Sep 27)
  • Upgrade: Revamped billing system (Sep 26)
  • Feature: Add country/state/city to venue directory (Sep 8)
  • Feature: Toggle hide/show referees on daily availability screen (Sep 3)

August 2012

  • Bug Fix: Sort order on referee download (Aug 31)
  • Feature: Added downloadable PDF account statement (Aug 29)
  • Bug Fix: Problem with single dight date format (Aug 27)
  • Upgrade: Upgrade to Ruby version 1.9 (Aug 22)
  • Bug Fix: Problem choosing mobile site (Aug 18)
  • Feature: Add 'last changed' indicator to games. Add self-assigned indicator on daily email (Aug 10)
  • Feature: Self Assign (Aug 5)

July 2012

  • Bug Fix: Fix date format for CSV, ensure it is Excel friendly (Jul 18)
  • Feature: Allow PDF and CSV reports to be saved (Jul 17)
  • Feature: Add League to several reports, limit PDF report to 7 assignments per game (Jul 7)
  • Fix: Add up-time monitoring for outbound email (Jul 3)
  • Upgrade: Moved to new PDF report generation process, rewrite all existing CSV and PDF reports (Jul 2)
  • Upgrade: Upgrade to Ruby on Rails version 3.2 (Jul 2)

June 2012

  • Fix: Remove Declined Assignments button now displays when past declined assignments are in the system (Jun 22)
  • Fix: Calendar displays games for linked accounts (Jun 22)
  • Feature: Click a referee's profile picture to view full-size photo (Jun 11)
  • Upgrade: Change back-end authorization scheme (Jun 10)
  • Fix: Availability report now prints correctly across all browsers (Jun 8)
  • Feature: Change Terms of Service (support for free accounts) (Jun 4)

May 2012

  • Feature: Referee Pay Scales (May 23)
  • Feature: Merge two teams together (May 20)
  • Feature: Provide a link to the venue directory from the Home tab (May 20)
  • Fix: Fix a problem with game requests page displaying correctly when there are no requests (May 14)

April 2012

  • Fix: Ensure that correct game information is passed when a game is deleted (Apr 27)
  • Fix: Fixed a problem with sort order on games screen (Apr 20)
  • Fix: Fix a problem with print layout on games screen (Apr 14)
  • Feature: Game Requests (Apr 1)

March 2012

  • Feature: Added sort order on games screen (Mar 27)
  • Feature: Initial release of assignr.com API (Mar 19)
  • Fix: Ensure that a non-referee user can be added when a site is at capacity (Mar 19)
  • Fix: Fix a problem with referee sort order on several screens (Mar 13)

February 2012

  • Fix: Ensure that the Last Login At date is set correctly (Feb 26)
  • Fix: Fixed a problem interpreting dates with a leading zeron (Feb 24)
  • Fix: Fix a broken link to the credit card screen (Feb 7)

January 2012

  • Fix: Ensure that a site that has renewed does not get another reminder (Jan 23)
  • Fix: Venue Map not working correctly with Internet Explorer 7 (Jan 12)
  • Feature: Add without:availability search term (Jan 12)
  • Feature: Add comments to the iCalendar feed (Jan 12)
  • Feature: On first login, enter credentials for another assignr.com account to link the two accounts together. (Jan 3)

December 2011

  • Fix: When putting the first venue on a map,a default map was not being shown. (Dec 16)
  • Fix: Cleaned up the bounced email notification (Dec 16)
  • Feature: Hide the information box when the screen is not wide enough (Dec 16)
  • Fix: Ensure that a venue that cannot be deleted returns an error message (Dec 16)
  • Fix: Error when a blank expiration date is provided for a credit card (Dec 7)
  • Fix: Error messages on some screens not displaying properly (Dec 3)
  • Fix: Imported data files were not preserving accented characters (Dec 3)

November 2011

  • Feature: Initial support for multiple accounts (Nov 30)
  • Upgrade: Upgraded web infrastructure to Ruby on Rails 3.1 (Nov 25)
  • Feature: Referee is notified that availability has changed when declining a game on a day that the referee was available (Nov 19)
  • Fix: Fixed a problem with some referees not showing up as 'confirmed' (Nov 19)
  • Fix: Added address line 2 to payroll reports (Nov 8)
  • Fix: Fixed an email related problem when a name has a comma (e.g Joseph Schmoe, Jr.) (Nov 8)
  • Upgrade: Moved assignr.com to multi-server cluster (Nov 4)

October 2011

  • Feature: Added venue conflicts, and added team conflicts for situations when the referee is playing on a team, or is a parent and can't work when a team is playing (Oct 23)
  • Feature: Include game fees in Games CSV download (Oct 23)
  • Fix: Fixed a daylight savings time-related problem with iCalendar download (Oct 23)
  • Fix: referee:name search pattern was not working correctly (Oct 23)

September 2011

  • Fix: Referees with observer permissions could not accept games (Sep 17)
  • Feature: Can now track the day/time of when a referee's contact information has changed (Sep 17)
  • Fix: Search by name was not quoting the name correctly (Sep 10)
  • Feature: Redesigned assign screen (Sep 3)
  • Fix: Working Elsewhere conflict not being interpreted correctly for games that end past midnight (Sep 1)

August 2011

  • Fix: Navigation problem with people who are not referees. If you are on the ability, availability, or conflicts screen, clicking the "next person" or "previous person" links would send you to the welcome screen if the person was not a referee. (Aug 19)
  • Feature: Added Google Map support for venues, and added public venue directory (Aug 19)
  • Feature: Upload a profile picture (Aug 18)

July 2011

  • Feature: Added game fee to referee games screen (Jul 24)
  • Fix: Tweaked the conflict rules so that a referee assigned to a cancelled game will be available to work other games at that time (Jul 19)
  • Feature: Referral program (Jul 15)
  • Feature: Mobile version of assignr.com (Jul 5)

May 2011

  • Feature: Added email reminders for expiring and expired sites (May 30)
  • Feature: Allow referees to remove themselves from public directory and message creation list (May 17)

April 2011

  • Fix: Incorrect count showing for declined games on Home tab (Apr 6)
  • Fix: Inconsistencies on Home tab when a referee is also an observer (Apr 1)
  • Feature: Minimum plan reduced from 70 referees to 60 referees (Apr 1)

February 2011

  • Feature: New availability screen, show assignors availability and games for a given day (Feb 20)