We Call It Like We see It… and We See Assignr Making Life So Much Easier For You!

The benefits of assignr are significant, starting with just how simple it is to use. It’s so easy to understand, we’re certain you won’t have any concerns at all with it. You will love how it reduces the number of emails, texts, and phone calls you’ve received in the past, while any potential scheduling issues will be identified quickly and dealt with efficiently.

Messaging Accept/Decline

Assignr allows you to take care of the majority of your communications needs in one place. You can send an email to an officiating crew working a specific game, you can email your entire roster of referees, and if you assign an official to a particular game, they will receive an email asking them to log in an accept the assignment. Also, if the game gets canceled or the time or venue changes, your officials will need to confirm the change, which allows you to confirm that they received the message about changes.

Availability of Officials

Unlike many assigning products, your sports officials will use the website to indicate when they are available, instead of when they are not available. This helps reduce the number of declined assignments when an official has simply forgotten to block out a specific date.

Mobile-Enabled Website

Our mobile formatted website makes it easy to re-assign an official, check your schedule, or accept a game. You can also view your official directory, making it simple to get in touch with someone whenever the need arises.

Text Messaging (SMS)

Your sports officials will love using our text messaging feature. If you change a game at the last minute, your officials will automatically get a text message with pertinent information. They can also get day-before-game reminders delivered right to their cell phone.

Flexible Sports Official Ability System

You can easily configure Assignr to ensure the correct official gets matched up with the right level of game. There are no complicated numeric rankings to set up – just check the box on the ability screen to indicate whether a referee is able to work a particular age group.

Venue Directory

Our venue directory will help your sports officials, coaches, and players get to their destination. You can even get driving directions from Google Maps, right from the website.


You have the flexibility to set up ability rankings, team or league conflicts (for officials who can’t work with specific teams or leagues), sports official conflicts (should certain officials not want to work with specific officials). This is all integrated into the assigning process, so you’ll be able to see at a glance whether the referee is appropriate for the game.

Smartphone Calendar Integration

If you or your officials use an iCalendar compliant calendar program or website, you can subscribe to an iCalendar feed to integrate your officiating schedule with your personal calendar.

Payroll & Billing

Assignr helps you manage the billing and payroll process for your officials. Game fees can be set up for each age group,and overwritten on an assignment-by-assignment basis if needed. If you need to bill an organization or manage sports officials’ payroll, you can generate detail or summary reports in PDF and Excel formats.

Incredibly User-Friendly

Assignr is incredibly easy to use. But don’t take our word for it – create a trial site for yourself and see how easy it is. A credit card is not required to create a trial site, and you can be up and running in 30 seconds! We won’t ask for your phone number, and a salesperson will not be calling you to schedule a demo.

Our “at a glance” view is another great benefit, along with the many other features of Assignr, such as:

Automated Notifications and Game Reminders, Exceptional Customer Support, Export/Import Files, Game Requests for Officials, International Date/Time/Currency Formats, Self-Assign.